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Welcome to TYS which simply dedicated to provide you comfortable, affordable and pleasurable journey of India with a soul touching experience. We believe that when you select the India as your touring destination, a flood of imaginary waves strike your mind and always thrill you and it increases many folds with curiosity, then surprise and filled with pleasure as your journey progress in this versatile country.
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Why TYS ?  
Among thousands of such sites, which may provide you luxury and facilities, short and fixed tour packages and visits of every place written in your guide book, and you will also enjoy that but journey of India doesn’t end here, we are here to add some more pages in your personal diary which never exists in your guide book, having a soul rich experience of this country, its people and culture, besides best food, keeping in mind that will not be spicy but still traditional, by our special cooks and safe and comfortable stay making you feel, a home outside.
Our Soul
What Else?  
We know that fixed tours are short and sweet and facilitate many busy people but still many people who want to spend some extra time here, we also assist them by providing their budget hotels which are not in guide book but are ranked high by our site. We can manage their tickets, their planning, their purchase and booking for special events and festivals by prior information. We also provide you visit to some traditional families at some places and chance to know that you can also part of soul your creativity forum , separate Page is given, Where you can work for a special cause.


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How to join us?  
Just fill your information form, select your journey type, budget you want to spend and submit it and within few hours, you will receive a mail for confirmation and then just pay us by pay pal and you will receive a full detail of your program and stay.
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