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 Safety for your Soul
Safety is the key to make your journey a real soul touching experience. All Places have their own limitations, same is with india. Few tips are given to be notice :
Dont Show Mercy :- As begging is the most profitable business in India. Which may be felt funny but it is the cruel truth so don’t show mercy and  avoid beggers.
Rent A Vehicle/Cab :- As its very easy to get a vehicle in India on rent but ensure that it must be from a reliable source or tour agent , avoid from individuals and also have complete information about the fare.

Jewelry Scam :- This is very unfortunate that it happened with our close friend after that I could know about it. She met with so called friends and they made her in their favour by offering her dinner or lunch for few days and passes to night clubs etc and after a day or two they took her to their business office and offered her to send a Jewelry worth $15000 to her further destination and as they already made her in their favour so she agreed and they sent it and after that pretended that there is a problem from custom side and she had to pay min $10000 for a lawyer to escape her from police and she had no option except this and paid almost whole her money by card and they did one more favour to her by buying a ticket to her next destination out of India. Till this whole story she was feeling lucky to have such friends. After reaching to her next destination when she demanded her money back, she could know that she was trapped!
And this whole story is her wish to highlight here to avoid such scams to you ! So BEAWARE!

Forcefull purchasing :- Any kind of reverse force to your soul to purchase anything , STRICTLY avoid! 

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